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Waistband BT PA Amplifier Made in China

Waistband BT PA Amplifier Made in China

BT loudspeaker Sound amplifier
Adjust volume control located on the right hand side of the removable differential microphone.
TP-168 is the latest development of new products, the original mould, set the microphone amplification, mp3 player clear sound, support TF card, USB card, FM radio and blue tooth . Equipped with audio output jack, can be connected to other devices to enjoy music and used as the microphone amplification. It is the most complete product, suitable for teaching, meeting, churches, elections, rally speech, party, presentations, games, tour guide, shopping guide, merchandising.
Product Features:
● Amplification
● MP3 player (can be inserted U disk, TF card),Blue tooth
● Radio (FM)
Product performance, configuration:
● Working temperature: -10 ℃~ 50 ℃
● Power Source: Built-in lithium battery
● Maximum output power: 30W
● Usage time (full charge): MP3 about 5 hours, amplification about 15 hours
● Frequency response: 100HZ ~ 15KHZ
● Charger voltage: DC10V / 250mA
● Product Dimensions: 110X85X35mm
● Weight: 300 grams
● Standard configuration: host machine, one wearing microphone, one shoulder strap, one charger, one manual,
one color box. Waistband BT PA Amplifier Made in China
03-13-2019, 12:00 PM
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